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Mailing Address:
Lazy H Mutual Water Company
c/o Yuima Municipal Water District
34928 Valley Center Road
P.O. Box 177
Pauma Valley, CA 92061-0177 
Posted 1/4/18: Board Packet for April 10, 2018 Quarterly

Posted 1/4/18:
Agenda for January 9, 2018 Quarterly Meeting

Posted 6/30/17:
Agenda for July 18, 2017 Quarterly Meeting

Posted 5/4/17:
Consumer Confidence Report available in Word or Excel

Posted 4/14/17:  
Meeting Agenda for April 18, 2017 reschedule.

Posted 1/4/17:
Here is the agenda for the January 10, 2017 meeting.

Posted 9/19/16:
Results of the shareholders' vote are in. Shareholders passed the resolution to proceed with the consolidation feasibility study.

Posted 9/3/16: A Water Report is available for those who requested further information at the 8/31/16 meeting.

Posted 8/24/16:
New documents are available from the first Water Consolidation public information meeting.

Posted 8/19/16:
There will be information/input meetings for shareholders at the Pauma Valley Community Center on 8/22/16 & 8/31/16 regardiing the feasibility of LHMWC consolidating wtih Yuima Municipal Water District .
See this letter announcing the meetings from LHMWC President Don Continelli.

Posted 7/21/16: Should Lazy H Mutual Water Company disband and turn its wells over to Yuima Municipal Water District?
This is the question currently being debated by our board. It will require money to do so. A grant has been applied for to make the transition to Yuima Water possible. What do you think? Ultimately it is up to you our shareholders to vote on it. A special meeting will be held Friday July 22, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. in the Yuima boardroom to discuss the grant. Shareholders are encouraged to attend.

Watch this space for a discussion of the pros and cons of this potential change

Article discussing formation of a GSA in Pauma Valley

A Quarterly Meeting was held on April 12, 2013. Agenda

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